Large IDoc handling with IS 4.6

Hi experts,

I have a flow running which converts an incoming INVOIC-IDoc into a Flatfile (simple line by line-structure).

When the invoice is small, it works perfectly, if it’s big, the IS4.6 says “bye-bye” without further notice (program disappears completely from memory and server needs to be restarted).

I need to be able to process IDocs with 1000-2000 positions. Right now it crashes at position 450.

My configuration: SAP BC 4.6, Servicepack 3 with EDI-Adapter, 512MB RAM, 1GHz PIII, W2k-Server, JDK 1.2.2. Javamem: 384 - 768MB (tried 256MB first).

Any ideas how to free memory or best practice infos on how to handle large Idocs?


For Large Doc(XML) or IDOC handling
try with these 2 built in IS services to process your flows with less memory usage.


by specifying your criteria of IDOC(segments)in the i/p parameter which gives the o/p Iterator and map it to I/p of


So by utilization of both these services may help your problem.