Large File Splitting Java Service

Can anybody help me with writing a fileSplitter Java service for handling a large file.Thanks in advance.


Are you sure you need one? What is leading you to want to split the file? Perhaps if you describe the high-level integration you need someone can provide an approach that doesn’t require Java or explicit file splitting.

Hi Raemon,
Ok,my requirement is somewhat similar to tokenize service…but here in my case there are 2 problems i m facing:

  1. the string is too large.
    2.and in place of delimiter i want to tokenize using index( means I want to tokenize the string into a list according to position/index).For eg: split the string into list by each 200 position/index;
    Please let me know if there is any other way possible…Thanks for the response…

Anupam Deb

Is this a fixed field length flat file? If so, will the flat file services help in performing the processing? The convertToValues supports reading a record at time, avoiding loading the entire string into memory. The key will be don’t load the entire results of convertToValues into memory either. Read a record (or a many with some custom work), process it completely, then do the next.