Junk data preappending to message on a put message handler


I am using websphere MQ Adapter3.0 on webMethdos 6.01 environment. I have a put message handler with which I am trying to send a fixed length string.
The process that picks the message looks for a particualar data as the first 5 char of the fixed length string. So the problem here is when I pass the fixed string to the queue I guess the MQ Adapter is adding the following data to infront of actual message string I am sending.

RFH € 3MQSTR ¸ <mcd><msd>jms_text</msd></mcd> 4<jms><dst>queue://MQNEXT/EBOND.REQ.IN</dst></jms>

So I want to get rid of this message string and I just want to send what I ever the string I formatted. So does anybody seen this before? or if any body knows the solution please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

I had a similar problem in v4.6. I changed the queue definition to non-JMS compliant and the problem went away. (I believe that JMS compliant is the default).

We too are facing the same problem, the predefined format is lost when the data is written to a file.

Could anybody throw more light on queue definition solution ???

Bhavani Shankar