I have to pass values to webMethods to Jsp. I read PDF and also sample Packages WmSamples there they have mention passing of data from webMethods Service to JSP pages.

My reqirment is to pass the items and quantity to dropList to webMethods Service input to

List/Items and (List is type documentList)
Quantity/Number (Quanitity is a Doucument)

Can you please advice me how i can pass value from JSP to field which have Document and documentList in webMethods Services.


If I understand it right, you are trying to pass some documentLists and documents to webMethods service from JSP page. (I may be wrong. Please correct it).
There is no out of the box solution for this. You have to manipulate the pipeline in the JSP page before invoking the webMethods service.

use webm:usePipeline tag and in jsp page (where you want to pass values to services), write java code to put all the info in the IData the same way you do in a java service. Here the pipeline name is webm_pipe. Close the tag and invoke the specific service using webm:invoke tag.