JSM Trigger keeps firing

I’ve setup an adapter notification to monitor for inserts on a database table and fire a jms trigger that uses a jndi topic and calls a service to process the published document (in this case, inserting the row of data into another table).

My problem is that the process keeps repeating, so after a single insert on the monitored table, the flow service is being called time and time again (resulting in many new rows being inserted into the target table).

Could you please explain how I mark the document as consumed so it only processes once?

Hi Richard,

The Insert Adapter notifications (buffer table) monitors/listens to the source table (if any new rows inserted in that particular table) based on the interval you have configured and any time a new row insert available it calls the notification service/trigger’s pub/sub and that is what it’s expected flow and so are you seeing any duplicate rows getting created in the target table thru the day? Please check and clarify.



Yes, to confirm this is publishing locally and duplicate rows keep getting added (i.e. insert one row into source table and target table gets a new row added every x seconds until polling notification is disabled).

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Let me know if you need to see any of the other elements. Thanks for your help.