Join timeout and timer boundary events -- HELP!

Being new to webMethods and timeout events, I’m having trouble finding specific how to information and could use some help!

We are running webMethods 9.7. I have a sub-process that needs to wait for a document to be received for a limited period of time. If not received in that time, it needs to run another process step and then return to the parent process.

I attempted to put a timer boundary event on the receive step, but it does not run. When I build the process, I see a warning message “Join timeout will supersede timer boundary event and timer boundary event will not behave as expected.” But if I try to configure the timeout on the join, I don’t see an option of specifying what process step to run when the timeout occurs.

Any help you can give me in understanding how this works and how to configure it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

IIUC, the timer boundary event only fires if the steps has started to execute and that executions tekes too long.

But your case is a different one since the receive steps didn’t start its execution. To properly implement the timeout, I’d create an AND join and create a timeout transition there. I’m not sure whether it’s possible with a gateway. It might be that you’ll have to use an ordinary task, make two inbound transitions, and specify “AND” as the join type.