JNDI settings

I am running V 4.6 on W2K. I tried to configure it to use our LDAP for user and group by following instructions in chapter nine of the admin guide but it does not work. I would appreciate if somebody can point me to a white paper or documentation on how to do it.

Alian, What exactly is the error that you are getting ?


When i go in “Users and Groups”, i see just the locally define users and groups and none from the AD. There is no error in the log pointing to a problem connecting to the AD. I must me missing some mandatory entries in the JNDI settings or not entered correctly, to be able to read the users from the AD. That’s why i am looking for more information than what i have in the administrator guide.

Check all the JNDI settings in administrator.
You need to restart Integration Server once JNDI settings are configured.
If all the settings are correct then user names from AD should get reflected in Administrator.


Sorry for the delay, i was off for 2 weeks. Thank’s for your reply but i knew about the necessity to restart the server afterward but i still don’t see my AD users.