JMX Performance Monitoring for 7.x

In 8.x of MWS, we introduced a lightweight performance service solution based on 7.x that was suitable for production. Attached to this thread is a backport of the majority of that functionality for 7.x (7.1.2 and 7.1.3).

It allows you to monitor via JMX all of the performance tokens that are generated by default from MWS with Visual VM or JConsole.

It also includes the source code for the wm_jmxsupport.war that registers custom ManagedBeans with the PlatformMBeanServer so you can add your own MBeans if you want as well.

If you want to add your own Performance Tokens, have a look at the communities for the tutorial that describes how to do that.

I’ve added v2 of this sample because of a change in some of the MWS fixes to the ConnectionPool class. V2 should be compatible with and without those fixes.
JMX Perf Service (126 KB) (8.13 KB)
JMX Perf Service 7.x - (146 KB)

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Please see this article for a sample describing adding custom Performance Tokens:

Here’s an interactive video as well:

Hi Mark,
I tried to find a post to implement the performance tokens on MWS 7.1.3. Unfortunately i could not find anything in the communities.

Both the links that you’ve provided are related to 8.x

Can you please provide me the exact post that you’re referring on how to implement these tokens in 7.1.3

Thanks in Advance,

The API and functionality hasn’t changed between 7.x and 8.x. The only difference is that you must install the JMX perf service in 7.x and there isn’t the same workspace portlets. There is however a Performance Monitor portlet that you can deploy in 7.x.