JMS Trigger subscribes the document twice


We have a Dev environment (non-clustered) where a JMS trigger subscribes to a TOPIC. The trigger also has a durable subscriber. Off late, I have been noticing that the jms trigger subscribes the document published to the TOPIC twice. I noticed this when i looked into the target where the transaction was duplicated.

Any insight on why it might be doing this would be helpful

Thanks in advance.



Documents may be delivered more than once if you do not have a duplicate checking mechanism in place.

Please Check
In My webMethods: Messaging > Broker Servers > Clients
On the Client Details page, click the Configuration tab to view configuration information about the client. please check the field

Pulish Sequence Number- which is Specifies the last sequence number for published documents received by this client. A publishing client program assigns sequence numbers to documents to allow Broker to recognize
and discard duplicate documents from the same publisher. A sequence number of 0 typically indicates that the publishing client does not use publish sequence numbers

Please refer 7-1-1_Integration_Server_JMS_Client_Developers_Guide.pdf

Topic: Exactly-Once Processing for JMS Triggers - chapter 6 .
you can find more information about that