JMS process Issue

I created a process model which subscribes to a document through JMS.
I get the following exception when i build and upload the process:
Error creating Destinations for JMS triggers for process: “SampleProcessJMS” version: “1” on logicalserver: “Default”. Please make sure you have configured and are running your Broker.
Error: Build of process “SampleProcessJMS” failed. The log file might have more information.
com.webMethods.jms.admin.WmJMSAdminException: [BRM.10.4011] JMS: Unable to connect to Broker at “:6849”: Connection timed out: connect

My IS and Broker’s are on different hosts and we’re running wM 8.2 SP2.

Can anyone please let me know how to get rid of this error.

configure your message server from IS administration

Setting>Messaging> broker setting

after you configure your broker server configure JMS connection alias “PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS” from
Setting>Messaging>JMS setting

I have set the Broker and JNDI Setting with the Broker IP but still getting the below Exception :

Caused by: javax.jms.JMSException: [BRM.10.4011] JMS: Unable to connect to Broker at “localhost:6859”: Connection refused

I am not sure how it is displaying localhost.

Please let me know how to get rid from this error.

Are you saying, you have configured PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS using JNDI and Connection factory and still getting below error? If so, is that connection getting enabled from IS Admin page? When you click on test JNDI, are you getting the objects that are created in JNDI?