JMS Message reply

Hi All,

Generally we send reply message(if pub:publish:publishAndwait is used) to publishing service using pub.jms:reply built in service inside a Flow service (subscribing service). Now what if we want to send the reply message using a third service which is basically not a subscribing service .

To understand the flow i have the following scenario

  1. publishing service will send the message using pub.jms:sendAndwait in a queue.
  2. JMS trigger will subscribe that message and it will invoke one flow service.
  3. This flow service(triggered) will call one third party webservice connector and finishes its job.
  4. After invoking the connector, this webservice is not returning the response to caller instead it is giving the response after calling one flow service by consuming WM webservice which we are exposing as web service.

Now here requirement is that how we can send reply message to sender using a standalone flow service , which is not associated with any session mentioned in above case.

Note:- This architecture or solution is achievable using publish-subscribing model, i.e reply can be sent to publishing service from a standalone flow service using pub.publish:reply built in service. But not sure how to implement the same using JMS.

Kindly provide any solution for this!!