JMS Lookup Error

Hello Experts,

I am getting the below error in IS:-

Could not run ‘JMSSendToQueue’ [ISS.0134.9009] Unable to send message to JMS provider “xxxxxxxxx”: javax.naming.NamingException: Internal lookup failed for name=/QueueList/testJMSQueue [Root exception is javax.naming.NamingException: Name not found during lookup for /QueueList/testJMSQueue]

This is in version 10.2 (trial version)

I have created the JNDI connection in UM and the JMS connection alias in IS is enabled.

Could you please guide what am i missing.


I think the global or queue connection factory is not created on UM EM, share the screenshots showing the JNDI tab.

Also, share the JMS connection details on IS page.