JMS Load Balancing


Has anyone succeeded in using different cluster policys (round robin, sticky…) for JMS messaging?

I´m using IS 8.2.1 and MWS
I have set up a cluster with 3 brokers and want to use wighted round robin, but it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t matter which policy I set, or if I choose to override the cluster policy settings - all consumers approx. comsume the same amount of messages.

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Even if a set the policy to sticky it doesn’t make any difference.


Does Broker JMS support cluster? If yes, do you have a buffer to put the message together again?

Are you asking for Broker cluster possible or not?

Broker JMS support JMS based policy clustering. However, you cannot compare this with pure active/active clustering like the one provided by Universal Messaging (formerly ‘Nirvana’)…

There are different algorithms using which you can PUT messages to one or ‘all’ brokers. You will set this while creating connection factories.