JMS file system jndi

I’m trying to set up some JMS destinations using the file system jndi provider. I used the WmJMSAdmin administrator web tool to define the JNDI settings as:

and classes and jars field includes fscontext.jar

I created the directory jms_objs ahead of time.
Now, when I go to the Destinations page and enter information about a Topic to create a new topic, when I click the submit button, it just clears the form. No topic is created nor are any error messages produced. Are there some steps I’m missing? Do I need to do something to create the filesystem jndi directory?



Presuming that you would have the Broker JMS installed, make sure that the Broker is up n running. Use the link JMS Broker to add a broker, if you haven’t done so already - the JMS Broker status should show the status as connected

Also ensure that you have the fscontext.jar in the classpath (though you will see an Error, if you tried to create a JNDI without this jar in the classpath) - To ensure you have the fscontext.jar in the classpath, in the ISAdmin console click on About page to see what all jars are in the classpath.