JMS ConnectionFactory creation


After i have done the JNDI settings successfully, i am trying to creaet a connection factory in wM.

In my case, webMethods is the JMS provider.

I am getting a exception as follows.

Error: the following Exception was thrown: com/webmethods/jms/WmTopicConnectionFactory

I have all the jars in the correct path. even i have JMS_6-1_Fix3 also in the integration server.

I have the following jar also in the intgrationserver/broker/lib

What could be problem.

I will be happy and start working on this if any body reply ASAP

You didn’t say which version of the products you are using. Where was the error message thrown? What is the full error message? Since you mentioned wmjmsnaming.jar, I’m assuming 6.5 of broker and Integration Server?

Are you in the WmJMSAdmin Tool trying to create the connectionfactory?

Yes…you are correct.

Actually i don’t have JMS adapter stuff in my 6.1 installer. I have the JMS adapter stuff in 6.5 installer.

So i have installed the IS and all other stuff from 6.1 installer. But i have installed the JMS stuff from the 6.5 installer.

The JMS related pdf shows jmsnaming.jar . As i have done from 6.5 installer, the jar is having the name wmjmsnaming.jar. And also i had to change the packing strucutre for the intial context class. (it is having com.webmethods instead of com.wm)

Now tell me where is the issue.

I am creating the connection factory from WmJMSAdmin page


I have successfully completed the JNDI settings.

Then i tried to do the connection factory. there i am getting exception in the WmJMSAdmin page itself

Actually when ever i come to the home page that is

I am getting the exception as follows in the same page itself

Error: the following Exception was thrown: com/webmethods/jms/WmTopicConnectionFactory

I hope u got my point.


There should be more to the error message than what you are posting. My guess is that you are missing one or more jar files, but that is only a guess since you have posted only a partial error message.

The com.webmethods.jms.WmTopicConnectionFactory class is located in the WmJMSClient.jar file. In BrokerJMS 6.5, this file is usually located in the webm_home\common\lib folder. If you installed BrokerJMS using installer all of the required BrokerJMS jars should be in either the [I]webm_home[/i]Broker\lib or [I]webm_home[/i]Common\lib.



Are you trying to install the 6.5 JMS provider on top of your 6.1 installation? And as Mark and I have asked, please provide the entire error message. thx