JMS Connection


I am getting the below error while trying to creat a JMS Connection?

[BRN.118.1022] Broker Storage Read Error: Unable to load context WmJmsNamingContext from: Broker::JmsNaming::WmJmsNamingContext. Broker Exception: Could not create client. Client group ‘WmJmsNamingReader’ was not found on the Broker.

Could you please tell me where I am going wrong?


Hello, I am using webMethods 8 and JMS adapter version 6.5? Could you please tell me how to create the connection using JMS adapter?


for further assistance we need some more details:

Complete Version Number of IS 8, MWS 8 and Broker 8.

Exact Version of WmJMSAdapter (something with 6.1) as this Adapter is considered deprecated with wM 7.x.

You should check for the IS Build-In-Services instead (pub.jms:* or similar).

Which Server will be the JMS-Provider:
Your Broker or a Server at the Partners side.

Which JNDI-Provider do you plan to use?
WmJMSNaming if I have read your previous post correctly.