JMS Connection alias getting disconnected from Universal Messaging (UM) server automatically

Hi All,

I am facing an issue whenever I am trying to publish data of size around 8MB to a topic in the UM via JMS message.The service throws an error stating that the publish failed as the connection alias is disabled whereas the connection alias is perfectly enabled.In server logs I find a log saying that the connection alias has got disconnected from the UM and the next log says its got started back.

Could someone please help me find a solution for this.

Below are the server logs extract:

2015-04-08 07:30:53 IST [ISS.0134.0016E] JMS Connection Error on connection “ABCD”: javax.jms.JMSException: Disconnected from : umserver2
2015-04-08 07:30:53 IST [ISS.0134.0054I] Stopping all triggers associated with JMS connection alias ABCD.
2015-04-08 07:30:57 IST [ISS.0134.0052I] Starting all triggers associated with JMS connection alias ABCD.
2015-04-08 07:30:57 IST [ISS.0134.0007I] JMS connection alias “ABCD” started

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nikhil,

This could be due to the timeout errors in your Integration Server config.
Are you using terracotta clustering in your set-up?
Generally the timeout value is set in "your IntegrationServer\config\Caching" folder config file.
This also could be due to IS being busy and need more time to respond. In this case we may need to tune the settings to cater for the increased load.
Please check and let us know if you’re able to resolve this via timeout settings.


Hi Vikas,

Could you please specify the exact file name and the key name where we need to set the timeout?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Nikil,

Based on your exception, What I have understood is it seems to be maxBufferSize was set less than 8MB.
If this is the case please set the max buffer size up to 10MB and try again.

If you still face the same exception please share your nirvana.log

Please let us know your response.

Bhanu Kumar

Hello ,

Are you IS and UM on the Same Physical machine/VM or different VM or physical machines if different then under UM configration you would have to change the location to point to the nsp://yourserver:port