JMS Adapter Notification Error in WM 6.1 -> [ADA.680.100


I am getting the following error:  [ADA.680.1000] Input field: JMSMessage cannot be null or empty in my JMS AdapterNotification service. I am extracting this value from the publishable document type of the adapter notification.

 This is what the setup looks like: 

 1. TestJMSSender flow service publishes JMS messages via a JMS adapter connection to a JMS queue "DocSendQ" on the WM broker. 
 2. A JMS adapter notification on connection "DocSendCXN" causes "DocSendTrigger" to be executed.
 3. The trigger invokes "MsgListenerSvc" flow service to be invoked. 
 4. The flow service has basically tries to conver the Text message using TxtMsgToDoc service in order to extract this text string. 

 In step 4, I get the error: "[ADA.680.1000] Input field: JMSMessage cannot be null or empty in my JMS AdapterNotification service. Error: [ART.117.4002] Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service): Unable to invoke adapter service JMS:SampleTextMsgToDoc."

 Why am I getting this error when my standalone JMS Queue browser is able to read the message text properly?



The notification would have created a Publishable Document Type corresponding to the incoming JMS message.

Do you have that publishable document type referenced through a Document Reference in the input signature of the Flow Service?


This is a completely misleading error message. The document reference name for the service must be the same as document type name. Otherwise, this is the error message that shows up in the log.


I am not clear how you solved this issue. I am getting the same error. Please share your experience.



I’m getting the error too ,how you solved this issue,can you shre your experience.thanks.

Hi Ajith,

this the error due to geting the value as null that is mapped to the you will explicitly mapp the data send to the document.(rectify the null value). It will slove.


I sloved :
The para of the service that the listener triger invoked must be the full name of the listener publishdocument.
for example: in my computer the publish document is lance.queue:msgListenerDocument .So the sevice’s input document reference name will be lance.queue:msgListenerDocument.