JMS Adapter - Issue converting XMLMessages

We are looking possible options to integrate sonicMQ 7.5 with WebMethods 7.1 using JMSAdapter 6.1

I was able to create connection, adapter service and notification.

Now the issue is when ever I send an xml message from sonic. Adapter is converting xmlmessage to text format and it is including some special characters.

Writing pipeline data to file I could able to see sonic JMS mug class as


JMS message class for webmethods is showing as text

value name=“JMSMessageClass”>javax.jms.TextMessage

xml code snippet ------------ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

I am not sure if I am missing something.

any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Kiran,

just some questions:

  • which Fix of JMS Adapter 6.1 are you running?

Hi Holger

Thanks for your feedback. Yes we are on JMS 6-1 Fix12 (in Developer, adapter service was not showing templates. after applying the patch problem was Resolved).

Yes I know the second option you mentioned.
Messaging–>Create JMS Connection Alias

Now the question is what the best practice? My understanding is by using adapter it would provide build transaction management and other options which we need not worry about.

Look forward to hear your feedback

Thank You

Hi Kiran,

unfortunately we are currently neither using JMS Adapter nor the new JMS functionality for our own purposes.

One if the questions in mind should be how long the JMS Adapter will exist and/or if there will be a newer version.

From that point I would suggest the following:
If there is an old application already using the JMS Adapter it should continue
working on the new IS.

But if there is a new application starting, it should be checked if it can start on the new functionality. If not start it on the JMS Adapter as a workaround and submit a Request for the missing functionality to TS.