JMS 61 XAQueueConnectionFactory

I want to use WM JMS+ provider 6.1 for Broker.
The Standard use of the provider works fine : using the QueueConnectionFactory provided by WM.
I want to enlist my JMS send within a XA transaction managed by a J2EE container. I then need to use the XAQueueConnectionFactory to create the JMSConnection, Session, Sender objects.
When I browse JMS+ provider API, I cannot see any XA API implementation: I do not see XAConnection, XASession etc…
The documentation WebMethods_Broker_JMS_Provider_Programmers_Guide.pdf, points that XA is supported.

Did any of you faced this issue, or am I the only one using XA with WM…

True when I started looking at transaction managment with JMS+. I could not find any details. Where as programer guide indicates there is XA implementaion.

Also could not find much about connection pooling for JMS