JDE OneWorld adapter for wm601

Does anybody have any information of when JDE/PS or wM is coming out with a wm6 version of the OneWorld adapter?

Any clues will help.

Did you ever hear anything? We are quite anxious about this too.


Eric and Roger,

We are currently testing the Beta version of the EnterpriseOne (formerly known as OneWorld) adapter for webMethods Integration Server 6+. The adapter was developed by PeopleSoft (formerly JD Edwards). Supposedly the adapter will be GA (Generally Available) shortly.
webMethods is working with PeopleSoft to convert the OneWorld XBP’s (eXtended Business Processes) that are used with the pre-version 6 (Broker based) OneWorld adapter to Integration Server (flow/Java) services.
Note: XBP’s are just pre-version 6 Enterprise Adapter Integration Components (developed using the Enterprise Integrator tool).

From what I heard the XBP’s will not be available when the adapter becomes GA. You will still get some benefits by using this adapter even without the XBP’s.
Because this adapter is not GA, we are not relying on it heavily in our integrations (yet). We plan on “test driving” it in one or two of our non-critical integrations to see how it performs. We will use the webMethods JDBC adapter, or the pre-version 6 OneWorld adapter for our other integrations until the adapter is GA and has some mileage on it.

If you want to get access to this adapter you will have to work with your PeopleSoft rep, sign some forms, etc…, etc… The adapter is not officially supported either, but we have been getting some help from the developer. Of course our testing is also benefiting the PeopleSoft adapter developers too.

Hope this helps.




Thanks a lot for the info. We are going to be developing some new integrations starting in May, and we definitaly don’t want to do it in ES 4.6 if we don’t have to. Sounds like PeopleSoft may come through for us in time. We are currently installing 6.1 with our 5.0 broker in a territory in our test environment so we can start to move forward.

I will try to get our PS rep to cough up some documentation and maybe a beta.

Thanks again


We are also waiting for the new JDE adapter. Is it going to work with the new 6.1 adapter or will it be supported only with 6.0.x.


I just found some documentation on the PS (JDE) knowledge garden web site for the IS adapter. Look for XPI 8.921. They have an installation guide and a programmers’s guide. Looks promising. Since we bought webMethods from webMethods, Inc, and not from JDE/PS, we are going to have to get the software from webMethods. I hope they put it on advantage soon.

Manohar, my guess is that the adapter will be supported in webMethods I.S. version 6.0.1 and higher.
I noticed in the Knowledge Garden docs that PeopleSoft uses their own version numbering for XPI (webMethods) components. For example, they call the Integration Server: “the XPI 8.92 Integration Server”.

Roger, the adapter was developed by PeopleSoft so I think you have to buy it from them. Apparently webMethods and PS are working together on converting the XBP’s.


Actually, we purchased the enterprise adapter from webMethods and are anticipating getting the IS adapter from webMethods as the upgrade. The JDE adapters were jointly developed and are sold by both. You can currently download the OW Enterprise adapter (4.7) from advantage.

Roger, I stand corrected.

Thanks for the info!


We were also told that it will be available to us from webMethods directly.

Thanks for the info.

Our PS marketing rep told us PS is GA’s the adapter in April.
Have not recvd word yet that it has.

I talked to a webMethods tech person who told me that the OW IS adapter should be available on advantage by early May. Any customer who has purchased the OW Enterprise Adapter from webMethods and is on support will have access to this. Apparently, with the PS/JDE merger, wM had to re-negotiate the agreement to jointly market the adapter.

The OW adapter is GA, its called PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Adapter 6.1 and it works for wm6.1. If you are using XPI get it from PeopleSoft, if you are using regular wm6.1 then get it from wM.

Any one experienced slowness in starting up OneWorld Adapter? My OW adapter took 1 hour and 10 minutes to start up after the RTE is being disabled.

Any idea about this?