JDE Adapter

i have two jde adapters on the same installation of webmethods 411. as we are aware the jas.ini file maintains the IP address:port of the jde server installation, but i have to connect one jde adapter to say and another jde adapter to

how will i modify the jas.ini file to include both these ip:port and have both these adapters running concurrently while pointing to these two separate installations of jde.


We have done this by starting each adapter process in a different working directory. As the adapter looks for JAS.INI in the current directory, this allows us to run multiple environments.

To start each adapter in a separate directory, we added a “cd” command into the beans_adapter script, just after the “cd $activeHome” statement, and before the CLASSPATH assignment (approx line 424). We use the contents of $progArgs to decide which directory to “cd” to – in our case we make the decision based on the broker name (second word of $progArgs), but could for instance use the adapter name (first word of $progArgs).

We also add our custom JAR files to CLASSPATH with relative file names, for the same reason – we can then run different JARs in each directory/environment.

Hope this helps!
Michael Lemaire

You will have to create two different jas.ini

And add in the Java Tab the following info for the JVM options

Adapter 1

Adapter 2


You will need to make sure that the [EVENTS] ports are pointing to seperate ip ports.

for jas1.ini:

for jas2.ini