JDBCAdaptor DynamicSQL

Hi *,
I have an SQL-Query with a dynamic SQL-Adaptor and I put in the outfields all columns from the select-clause. When I save the service for the first time, the output-variables are created in the results like: ServicenameOutput/results.
When I change the Output-Field-Type from java.lang.String to a different type the output-variables are not changed and I cannot change them manually.
Is that correct, or how can I change the output-variables.
Best regards

Hi Ralf

It is best not to change the output fields names or types. wM is not really flexible that way. If you changed the types in the DB you are talking to, you should at least hit the ‘reloa’ button (icon with adapter and green arrow). You also should refresh your component tree in Developer. If this doesn’t perform the expected updates, recreating the adapter service will be the only remaining option.

Best of luck, Chris