JDBC (Select) adapter service - Record selection limitation

Do JDBC adapter has any limitation for record selection using Select ADapter Service?

For one time I need to transafer bulk records (100,000) from one database to another. I know webMethods is not an Extraction tool, but exploring options.

  1. I would like to get some thoughts if this can be acheived using JDBC (Select) and (Insert) adapter services.

  2. Potential performance issues that could break the process.

  3. Any other ideas implementing this requirement.


If it is a one time shot and the records aren’t too massive and your target system can handle multiple duplicate records (in case the process breaks and you have to re-run it), i don’t see any issues. Of course, you might run out of memory. Try it and find out, but only if the consequences of failure aren’t bad.


  1. if both databases are Oracle, use a db link
  2. Break the select down into a series of sequential synchronized queries so that you select, say 1000 rows at a time for processing and inserting into the target system.

Best way to see if this will work is to try it out in a safe environment (e.g. a Test tier).


If you were doing this in a Java program, would you write it to select all 100,000 records at once? If not, how would you break up the work? Apply the same logic to an IS and JDBC adapter solution.

Thanks Greg & Rob for your insights.