JDBC Scenario

hi i am new to WM…i am working on a scenario where i have 3 source tables and 1 destination table (Oracle 10g).

i insert say ssn in the first table and i have to pull the data from the other tables corresponding this ssn and fill the destination table.

Can any one help me out on how to proceed.


At a highlevel hope this helps,using IS JDBC AdapterService(AS) in the Developer once you insert ssn record in the source table and using ssn# as reference use SelectSQL or CustomSQL JDBC template and write your query with table JOINS and retrieve the data from the required source tables.Based on your select results output,loop on results(doc list) and using InsertSQL AS template insert the data into target table.

Since you are new to wM IS please go thru the ISJDBCAdapter userguide and WmART services in IntegrationServerBISuserguide on how to develop wM IS to DB integrations.


create a insert notification on the source table.
using trigger subscribe the document form the broker
subscribe ssn, and retrieve the data from require tables by using joins.
insert the data into destination table


can any one please tell me if there is a way where we can do this without using the join step…i tried using the insert where but i had many problems with the wm triggers in oracle…can we do it with using adapter services if yes can u explain how???


Just use individual select queries if you don’t want to do a join in your SQL.

How did the trigger for the first part interfere with the insert (the last part)? For the insert, no triggers should be involved.

Without dropping to Java code (which you should not do) you must use adapter services. Break this simple solution into even simpler steps. Get the ssn insert notification working first. Then, get the selects for the other tables working. Then get the insert working. Then put them all together.