Jdbc runtime connection

Hi Experts,

I want to run a select adapter service by giving tns details of its connection during the service runtime from my mainflow service input values.

Will that be possible ?



Yes you can call the select adapter service in your main flow.
You have to provide dbusername and dbpassword , also connection name.


JDBC connection details as well during the runtime
(host,port,database) will this be possible?


You cannot create select adapter service itself if u do not have a jdbc adapter connection created in jdbc adapter page.

Please check that .

Deepthi Patala.

My requirement is to override the existing connection details present in the admin page during the runtime instead of changing connection details evertime at webMethods whenever there is username/password/port/datbase change at ERP…any solution for this ?

dbusername and password can only be provied at runtime…

there is no way to provide db name,port name at runtime…

You have to manually change the connection properties …hard and fast rule :slight_smile:

Deepthi Patala

look into WmART service. there is a service wm.art.dev.connection:updateConnectionNode

i won’t recommend using it though.