JDBC Pools Configuration


I’m trying to configure JDBC Pools to Integration Server which is on Linux machine.
The script which I used for creating tables is as below:
./dbConfigurator.sh -a create -d sqlserver -c all -v latest -l “jdbc:wm:sqlserver://:1433;databaseName=” -u -p “” .

IS configuration is attached to this post.

When i try testing from IS Admin, I’m getting “[SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Login has timed out.”

We have placed jar ‘Progress_DATADIRECT_JDBC_SQLSERVER’ under IS/lib/jars folder.

Do i need any more jars. Is there anything I’m missing out.

Please suggest.


Monica – which version wM you are using ? Did you able to install tables through DBCC successfuly ?


Did you see any n/w gliches ?

Any changes at DB or IS level [Patches or Updates] ?

Are you getting transaction failures because of this issue?

Share your fix levels ?


Also, can you test by increasing IdleTimeout property to 1000 Milli secs.


Please check if you have applied latest SCG_DataDirect-Fix for your wM Version.

This one contains the DataDirect-Driver used by the wM Suite.

It is located under common/lib/ext and will be visible to all wM products in this installlation directory.

Is the wM installation and the database on the same box/network or not?

Please check if there are any networking issues.



We are on version 9.10.
IS is on a Linux machine.

DBCC has not been able to connect to the database successfully.

Database Connection error: [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Error establishing socket to host and port: PCISE01HA.prod.sdt.ericsson.se:1433. Reason: Connection timed out: connect

We get below error.

Any other setting/ fix to be done from our side?

We are trying to run DBCC from Linux machine which has the IS and another Admin server which is on Windows.
Both location, we get same error.

Port opening request from IS and Admin machines to DB server has been completed.

Thanks in advance,

For me it looks like there is some setting needs to be changed on the MS SQL via SQL Server Configuration Manager

– check Client Protocols (TCP/IP, Named pipes=enabled)
– protocols for SQLEXPRESS ((TCP/IP, Named pipes=enabled)

Also trying doing a telnet or ping to SQL server from your linux box.

Refer the below link for: