JDBC Pool errors with Sybase DB using iso15 charset

I’m attempting to setup a JDBC Pool for Xref against a Sybase 12.5 Server DB that uses the iso15 charset.

When I create my JDBC pool alias definition, associate it to the Xref functional alias and click the Test button (green arrow) I receive the following error:

Test of Xref Failed
[wm-cjdbc33-0069][Sybase JDBC Driver]Unsupported VM encoding iso15.

I am able to create a JDBC Adapter connection against this same DB and enable it successfully. (Using com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDataSource as the DataSource class.)

Anyone have any ideas to get this to work? Is this a known problem? Haven’t been able to find anything on these boards or via Google talking about problems (or successes) with iso15 on Sybase and webMethods.

Took a look at some documentation for my VM and it looks like it should be supported for iso15.

Running webMethods IS 6.1 with v1.4.2 of Java.

Any help is (obviously) greatly appreciated.