JDBC Operations

When trying to create a new configured operation with the JDBC adapter in wM Enterprise Integrator , I am trying to select a table (Current services) I get this error:

Error Text :(321) Could not get list of schemas. (60000/600)Ora-00600:internal error code, arguments:[ttcgcshnd-1],[0],,,,,

java.sql.SQLException:Ora-00600:internal error code, arguments:[ttcgcshnd-1],[0],,,,,

Any ideas?

Where you able to resolve the error? I am having the same problem.

I resolved the problem. I was using the 8.1.7 classes12.zip file attempting to connect to a 9i DB. You either need the 9i classes12.zip file or the patch to the 8.1.7 zip, both of which are available for download on the Oracle website.