JDBC & MQ Adapters not visible on IS Admin

All of a sudden the JDBC adapters and MQ adapters are not showing up in the IS Admin page.
The existing adapter templates are hence not working.

Replaced the jars (in instances/packages/WmJDBCAdapter & WmMQAdapter)and restarted the server. The issue is not fixed.

Anything else we need to get this corrected?

Hi Rakesh,

can you provide some more details about your environment, please?

Which version of the adapters are you using, which drivers are you using?
Which Fixes for IS, ART, JDBC and MQ Adapter are applied?

Any error messages in the server.log and/or error log of the IntegrationServer?

Both adapters should be loading despite the presence or absence of any driver jars.



Is your license updated?

Do you have the latest fixes for WmART and the adapters?

Do you see the drivers jar files listed in the about page?

Best regards,


It appears there was some problem with the access. Someone had removed the administrator id from the “Administrator” group. Hence it was not being visible!!