JDBC Enterprise Adapter

I’m trying to install the JDBC Adapter version 4.2.1 on AIX 4.3.3., but the install is crashing with a Segmentation Violation. It gets through the
questions about the install location, and install key, and then crashes. I’ve run it both in
command line and X Windows mode. Has anyone
ever encountered this, and know how to get around it ?

We are using version 4.1.1 of the Enterprise Broker.


We had the same problem on the Oracle adapter. The first effort would be to make sure that Java 1.2.2 is installed on AIX 4.3.3. The second that the root user had enough swap space to install. We had to set that space a little bigger than the default install to make our installation work (use smitty).

Hope it helps!


Thanks for the info. I tried it, but the install
procedure hung. I’ve included the output below.
We upped the swap space. Do you have any other ideals ?


Welcome to the webMethods Enterprise Adapter: JDBC Edition Setup program. This
program will install webMethods Enterprise Adapter: JDBC Edition on your
computer. Click Next to continue with the Setup program.

Please press Enter to Continue

Please enter your install keys for the installation of webMethods
Enterprise Adapter: JDBC Edition. If you have more than one, please
separate them with spaces.

Please press Enter to Continue

The install key entry resulted in the determination that the installation
directory is located at /opt/wment41
If this is correct, please enter 1 else please enter 0. [0]
Please enter installation Directory : /webMethods/sftw/wment41

Please enter 1 if you want to install the sample and tutorial
documentation else please enter 0 [0]

Please press Enter to Continue

A compatible Adapter Development Kit Runtime will be installed.
Existing adapter monitor configuration preserved

Input of username/password not enabled

Please press Enter to Continue