Jdbc custom sql adapter service

hi i have a combination of inner and outer join which i implemented using custom sql adapter service. While implementing it the query runs fine but i am not able to retrieve the results. I tried executing the same query on Oracle side and it works fine there. Can any one help me if there is any other configuration to be done to extract the results?
i tried with a select statement with a where clause and it works fine. The combination of joins is the one which is not working. Thanks in advance…


Can you give a simple example of a query that fails and how you configured the custom sql adapter service?

In the output section of the SQL tab define (all) the fields that you would like to get returned and name them the same as the column name in the table. (I used VARCHAR for each field)

The query will then return a list of records.

I have a query which performs SELECT with 3 inner joins on 3 different tables. Can i write one adapter service in which i have all these.If its possible plz tell me how is it possible ??