JDBC AS400 Perfomance

We have a configured operation (ES 5.0) that is doing a basic notification on an AS/400 table. We are only able to process about 50 records a minute or so. The operation deletes the records after retrieving them. There are 87 fields on the table and the record length is 745 bytes.

Both the 400 and the unix (AIX) machine hosting the adapter are on the same network segment at 100mbs.

Is the JDBC adapters inherently slow? Is it the AS/400?

Hi Roger, do you have any updates on this ? Do you still have performance problems ? What version of the JDBC adapter are you using?



Actually we found that a couple of entutility xref lookups in the integration was really slowing us down. We were doing 2 lookups for each record to convert the plant code from the value in the as/400 system to the value in our ERP system. These values were small (we have less that 10 plants) and they are static, so we replace the ATC xref with a simple custom code step that hardcoded the values, and it increase our thruput by a factor of 10. We now consider the performance to be acceptable.

We are running JDBC adapter 4.2.

You can also use caching for services if most of your calls have the same output for the same input instead of hardcoding the values.