JDBC and DB2: Can't see stored procedures

Our wM Enterprise JDBC adapter does not list stored procedures from our DB2 environment. We can select/insert/update/delete tables and views just fine.

I’ve tried with ODBC, and it seems to work a little better. Yet, the ODBC adapter also does not explicitly list out stored procedures for a given environment.

We’ve been using the 4.2.1 JDBC adapter on Enterprise 5.0.1 using DB2Connect 6.1sp5 or 7.2 on Win2k. The DB2 env is an OS/390 using DB2 6.1.


In the adapter configuration for the JDBC adapter, is your user name specified in upper case? I’ve ran into a somewhat similar situation and only after looking at the traces with a dba did we determine that the adapter is doing a rather strange query to bring back system objects. It was basically to the effect of:

WHERE ‘MYUSERID’ = ‘myuserid’

such that the lower case portion was coming straight from the adapter. This would always return false.

If this doesn’t solve your problem then I would consult with a dba to see what queries the adapter is doing during introspection.