JDBC Adapter

Hello All,

is it possible to call a SP with %ROWTYPE as one of the IN parameter. If yes, Could you please guide how.


Sasa – I don’t think we do have such option. Can you explore more on your business use case ?


Thank you for your prompt response.

In that case, should I consider there is a limitation on webMethods to pass %ROWTYPE as input parameter to a Oracle SP call. We are in the wM version 9.5.

JDBC Version and Fix: JDBC_6.5_Fix46

Thank You.

Sasanka – You can do the same by finding other alternatives. Try to find options and let us know if you stuck in b/w.



This SP is exposed to us by an other application. Hence, we do not have the privilege to make any modification to the SP.

Do you mean I need to consider other means of consuming the SP. Will a java service using execute service template in wm will work. I am doing a POC on this.

Thanking You.

Sasanka – To better understand please share the signature of SP so that we can try to suggest better options.