JDBC Adapter


I’ve configured one jdbc connection by using Oracle DB, but now i want to create one more connections using the SQL server 2005.

But in the JDBC Pool, in the funtional alias, i can add the funtional alias of either Oracle DB con or SQL Server.

  1. Can anybody suggest how can i create 2 connections using 2 dbs(Oracle, Sql Server) at the same time?
  2. Can i use the same odbc(.jar driver file) both for the Oracle and sql server.


Are you sure you are in the correct part of IS?

JDBC Pools section (below settings in IS Admin) is for configuring the database the IS is using itself for it’s storage and logging. Imho this should not be using different DB’S for different pools (although different schemas may make sense)

JDBC Adapter is for connecting to databases (mainly of applications) for using those in integrations. Those are configured using JDBC Adapter in the Adapter section. It is no problem to configure multiple databases of different type here.



Hi Martin,

Thanks for your inputs.I’ve tried again with different SQL driver.
Now it’s working fine.

Thanking You.