JDBC adapter

Hi everyone,
iam pretty much new to WM , I have a doubt in JDBC adapter,when i want to configure the database WM asks for the following

  1. Alias — its any name of my wish ( i hope so)

2.DB URL- i want to know what is this?? and is it that the database should be present some where in the intranet or is it that it should be present on the server?? if it should be on the server then which directory??

  1. DBdriver – what does this mean…please dont laugh ,we have oracle database 9i running on the same machine on which WM server is running. So what could be the database driver name??

  2. And should i do anything in the control panel of windows i.e any dsn for the database i am trying to use

May be these are really stupid questions but i dont have any idea please help me

Thank you

First, the aim of an alias is to centralize information about your database connection.
You will use it in the service wm.db:connect.
(See ISBuiltInService.pdf)

This is an exemple of an alias creation:

  • Alias = MYALIAS
    What you want.

  • dbURL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@MYORACLESERVER:1521:MYORACLEINSTAN CE
    This URL depends on which jdbc driver you use. This is for Oracle thin jdbc driver.
    MYORACLESERVER is the server on which Oracle runs.
    1521 is the default Oracle port.
    MYORACLEINSTANCE is the instance where you want to connect (where are your datas).

  • dbDriver : oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
    This is the JDBC Driver.
    If you want to use this driver, you have to copy classes12.zip (find in oracle installation folder) to C:\webMethods\IntegrationServer4\lib\jars and restart your Integration Server.

Save your configuration, and try a Connect to test your new alias.

In the same way, if you use SQL server, you will use MS SQL JDBC Driver (from Microsoft for exemple).

Hope it help


Thank you very much oliver, That really helped me out