JDBC Adapter v602 Introspection on Stored Procedure


I’m trying to invoke an Oracle stored procedure from the wM JDBC Adapter v602 (Oracle8i (8.1.7) Release 3 on Win2000)

I use Developer to create a new Adapter Service, select JDBC Adapter, my Connection, StoredProcedure and then I’m presented with the Procedure screen -

1st the Call Tab
I select “Enable Procedure Name Lookup” and find the specific stored procedure I want to invoke.
I use the “select all rows to the table” button and add the single input parameter “O_DANIE_OUTPUT” with type DECIMAL

On the next tab “Parameter”
I use the “select all rows to the table” button and the table is filled with a list of entries with values as follows:
col “Param JDBC Type” contains all possible types alphabetically ascending (BIGINT,BINARY, BIT, CLOB… and to VARBINARY and VARCHAR)
“Param Name” is shown as the same name I selected for the i.e. “O_DANIE_OUTPUT” and “Param Type” is set to IN for all entries.
I can however change entries (add & delete rows) and change the “Param JDBC Type” and the “Param Name” to match that of my actual stored procedure.

Why does the new Adapter Service “StoredProcedure” not introspect the DB (like the “InsertSQL” Service does) and present me with a completed list of parameters as defined on the procedure?
I need to call a procedure with about 70 input parameters and having to do it manually makes the solution almost unmaintainable.

Have tested both the oracle thin JDBC Driver and the DataDirect Driver, but seeing exacly same behaviour. (also same with JDBC Adapter v601)

Danie Malan