JDBC Adapter Time out

Hi All,

  I have set extended property "watt.adapter.JDBC.QueryTimeout" to 90 seconds and adapter service query 

timeout to “-1”.So ideally adapter service should not get waiting for more than 90 seconds.

But for my case some of the adapter services are getting into long waiting stage and finally needs to kill those service from Admin.
Using wM 8.2 with Oracle data base.

Is there any other setting needs to check for this.

Baharul Islam

The time out specified in the Query Time Out field is not guaranteed but depends on the implementation specific to the driver vendor. The JDBC standard Statement.SetQueryTimeout() method relies on the Statement.cancel() method. When execution takes longer than the specified time-out interval, the monitor thread calls Statement.cancel(). In some cases, because of a limitation in the Statement.cancel() method, the time out does not free the thread that invoked the Statement.execute() method and this may lead to higher waiting times.

However you can try the below setting:

Query Time Out=90 seconds on Adapter service
watt.adapter.JDBC.QueryTimeout=90 on IS extended settings.

If your SQL query is taking time to execute, get the query optimized with the help of DBA. Also execute the same query on any SQL client tool and see the total execution time. Also fine tune your JDBC connection params accordingly.

My Dear Brother Bahrual,

Is it still you getting this error more waiting time due to this only.