JDBC Adapter support for Outer Join

Does anyone know if the JDBC Adpater supports Outer Joins using the SelectSQL template or do I have to use the CustomSQL template?

Using WM 6.0, Oracle 9i on Sun Solaris 9.



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No worries on this one. I used the CustomSQL template and built the outer join by hand. A total pain (since I had to do it all three times to hit three different instances of the same database) but it works.

That’s it.


Hi Scott,
Have you find any other way to Outer Join in SelectSQl Service or just hard coding it. It will be greatful if you help me out.
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Hi Scott and Raghu,
even 15 years later I haven’t found another way neither - apart from CustomSQL templates. Too bad.

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For Oracle JDBC connections , we used “(+)” operator in the where condition of the select adapter template for Outer joins

Hi Rakesh,
thank you for this hint! Good to know that this workaround works - even though several restrictions apply to Oracle’s (+) operator, but most of them apply to webMethods’ SelectSQL template anyway.

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