JDBC adapter sessions consume all Oracle session pool


I encountered a serious problem with JDBC adapter (v.2.1). The DBA in our
company set the Oracle session limit to 100. After running webMethods for
one week, the sessions from JDBC adapter ( I checked v$session and found
the connection programs are JDBC Thin Client) consumed 75 % of session
limit. And it seems that JDBC adapter won��t disconnect from Oracle after it
complete its task. How could I configure adapter to solve this problem ?
I am 100 % sure the transaction load in my system is not heavy. And I could
find the session login time from v$session last for more than one week.

Thank you.

Are you using Enterprise Server or Integration Server? If you are using Integration Server, what do you have the max connections set to in your database pool? How about your timeout settings?

The server is Enterprise 4.1.1.

I didn’t set up any time out parameters on the
JDBC adapter.

Does it mean that I should disconnect from
database in the integration components ?

I’m having a similar issue. Even though I’ve got the max connections set to 30 and the time as 2000 ms, the adapter quickly maxes out the 100 available connections on the database and crashes the application.

Have you been able to fix the problem?

First of all, Hi experts, i’m new here and i am currently facing similar problem with you guys…So are there anymore tips that i could try for this kind of case?? Thank you very much in advance…

Apply appropriate patch and perform fine tuning in Min-Max Conn, Exp-Block Timeout