JDBC Adapter service life time

Hi All,

I have a flow service which calls internally two adapter service’s A and B . Both these services uses different database connections and both are created as NO_TRANSACTION. Below is the sequence .

Flow Service start
Adapter service A (using connection A(NO_TRANSACTION))
Adapter service B (using connection B(NO_TRANSACTION))
Flow Service End

If Adapter Service B is struck at database waiting for the response for about 5 mins . will the connection used by Adapter service A is released to the pool as its execution is already complete or will it wait for the entire service to complete the execution .

Question is whether connection pool of connection A is affected if the threads from connection B are all exhausted and busy.

Appreciate your responses on this .


Multiple DB’s involed?

Review XA transaction and could you share your business use-case.

Nithin – Yes, Adapter Service A’s connection will be off once it’s work is done as there is no dependency with others in your case.
And here you no need to go for XA untill and unless if both adapters are useful to perform a single transaction.

Please get back if you still have any questions.