JDBC Adapter notification very slow?

We have the following architecture:

Local WM IS & Broker (Windows Server 2000) and remote MS SQL server database.
There are a set of adapter notifications on the remote database. Ping is about 100ms between WM and the database. An adapter notification can only load 2-4 records in a second. I turned off everything except AN and a trigger. The flow service that processes the appropriate publishable document is empty. Such speed is inappropriate for our data synchronization task.
How can I improve the performance? Please advice.

I have been recommended to setup an Adapter Run-time in the same LAN with the remote database and put JDBC connection there in order ART could retrieve the data fast and publish them on our broker. Have you ever worked with such architecture? Is it feasible?

very old message but i guess this is still an open item in terms of our design choices. Due to various reasons we may not be able to deploy IS close to database. Should we be concerned to use adapter notifications for remote databases considering the better network bandwidth/speed we have now a days.

Having an IntergrationServer hosting the ART near the database and then publishing the data via broker (or um) to regular processing instance sounds a good plan. You should consider having a local messaging provider (broker or um) of the same type as on your regular instance and couple these via gateway to control which data flows in which direction.


Thanks Holger. Thats the classic way of doing the database integrations.

But our middle-ware follows a centrally hosted architecture and is kind of fixed. Because of this we are not able to capitalize on such remote DB integration opportunities and we end up doing point2point integrations.

So wanted to know if using adapter notifications/services on a remote database is a strict No No or can it still be considered as the worst case option. Apart from the latency/performance are there any other things that we need to watch-out for if we indeed go for such remote database integrations.


Hi Balachandar,

in this case you should check the timeout values for the AdapterConnections and ListerNotifications and eventually increase them to avoid interruptions during communication.