JDBC Adapter Notification not working in wM IS7.1.3 cluster

Hi friends

Our JDBC Adapter notifications are not working in the webMethods IS cluster while they work fine a NON clustered server.

We have

  • 2 IS servers (version 7.1.3) in cluster (software cluster- active-active); both are identical to each other
  • a update adapter notification
  • JDBC connection is pointed to Oracle RAC

On the “cluster settings” section of adpater notification settings on both nodes of the IS cluster, we tried with the “coordination mode” as “distributed” and “standby” but none of the settings worked. we keep the default value 180 seconds for max proces time and max set up time; we don’t have “overlap” on; “immediate” is off.

We could see the WMXXX buffer table on the database is getting record inserted when we perform an update operation but it never gets picked up by the Adapter Notification (we set the frequency to 15 seconds) hence no further processing happens; the record just gets stuck in the buffer table forever.

I am not sure if we are missing any settings/configurations in order for the adapter notifications to work in a cluster.

Please share your thoughts on this with me. Thanks in advance

Is there any JDBC adapter error and scheduler-related errors exist in the IS server log?
Ensure that the adapter notification is enabled from the JDBC Adapter page.

JDBC adapter can be configured to connect to RAC using a thin driver or OCI driver.
Verify that you have set “driverType=oci” / “driverType=thin” in the Other Property of the JDBC Adapter connection

for example if the URL request for a thin driver:


Then set the URL in the other properties field of your jdbc connection as:


No Adapter /scheduler related errors on IS server/error logs

Yes, adapter NTF is enabled

Yes, we have as below


So there is something else is causing the problem

yes, we tried as below as well it did not work; the connection is enabled without any problem though


i am wondering if this is a bug/limitation with adapter NTF in wM 7.1.3 and/or JDBC adapter 6.5. Software Ag technical gurus can you please help me here?