JDBC Adapter not getting Installed


I have installed the JDBC adapter and adapter is not started, but it is showingin installed adapter list . it is giving following error:
Introspection failed052) could not introspect adapter class
Do i need to install any patch
any idea!!!

Which database are you trying to connect to? Did you install that DB’s client software and JDBC driver on the machine the adapter is running on?

The adapter config (and maybe the adapter monitor too) cannot find the jar file for the JDBC adapter classes. I’m running on Solaris 2.8 and have added the following lines to adaptermonitor, adapter_config, and beans_adapter scripts. Your BASELIBPATH value may be different depending on what directory you installed to. After making the change I’d recommend restarting the adapter monitor.

If you’re running under Windows you may need to do the same type of thing with environmental parameters.


JDBC adapter also needs the classes12.zip from your Oracle client install.

Include the \oracle\ora81\jdbc\lib\classes12.zip in your environment variable CLASSPATH.

That should also help

Another thing you can verify is what version of the ADK runtime you have. You should have ADK 4.2.1, since JDBC Adapter 4.2.1 uses the newer ADK runtime.
Check for the wment41\lib\adk42.jar file.

If you donot have the latest ADK runtime, download from your advantage site.

Without having the appropriate ADK also causes introspection to fail.