JDBC Adapter help

Hi all,

I’m using JDBC Adapter and Oracle as the database. I got an Adapter connection and adapter services created and they all exist in one package. Now I need to move the adapter connection from the existing package to some other common package. Can I do this without affecting the existing adapter services??

Please help!!!



yes,you can move and after moving try to reload the package and then make sure in the JDBC Adapter page that the moved connection is updated in the new package.


You can’t move an adapter connection using Developer in the same way that you would move a documentType or Flow service.

You must create a copy in a new package using the JDBC Adapter’s Connections page and then run pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection on each adapter service to update it to point to the moved (and renamed) adapter connection.

Specify the fully qualified name of your adapter service in the serviceName parameter and specify the fully qualified name of the new adapter connection in the connectionAlias parameter.

After testing your service(s) against the new adapter connection, you can delete the old one using the JDBC Adapter’s Connections page.


Thanks for you comments Mark!!, but the thing is I’m working on webMethods V6.0.