JDBC Adapter executing stored procedure not getting result set values

I am using JDBC adapter to call an existing stored procedure in Sybase 12.5. The stored procedure returns a value as well as result set back. I can get the return value (sucess or failure) but can not get to the OUTPUT parameter from stored procedure. I created a result set and identified the column name in the ResultSet tab but no value is passed back. any ideas as to what I am missing?

Below is a snippet of the stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE sp_mrtg_load_sts_sv
@id_mrtg_load_sts Numeric(8,0) = NULL OUTPUT
,@code_load Char(3) = NULL
,@cnt_procss Int = NULL
,@nbr_ssr Char(6) = NULL
,@cnt_updt Int = NULL
,@cnt_err Int = NULL
,@dt_load DateTime = NULL
,@dt_mrtg_load_beg DateTime = NULL
,@dt_mrtg_load_end DateTime = NULL
,@nbr_deal Char(6) = NULL
,@desc_load_key Char(50) = NULL

IF (@@rowcount = 1) 
    SELECT @id_mrtg_load_sts = @@IDENTITY 
    RETURN 0 
    Print 'Problem with INSERT in sp_mrtg_load_sts_sv!' 
    RETURN 1 

From the above procedure I am trying to retrieve id_mrtg_load_sts

Is the SP working as expected when you execute using client tool(Toad or sql*plus etc…)?so that we can bet problem is withe JDBC Adapter(SP template)


Yes, the sp is working as expected. I have verified this by using the sp with another SQL tool (Rapid SQL) and is used by other applications using various interfaces (This includes JDBC connections via WebLogic.)

Not sure if it will solve your problem, but you could try to add the following line to your extended settings:


I believe IS needs to be restarted.