JDBC Adapter downtime/Database mainteance


We have a database maintenance coming up and we would need to bring down the respective d/b’s JDBC Adapters(The d/b shall be unavailable for over an hour).
However, I would like to understand the conceptual part of Adapter’s Connectivity retries and the scenario when the Adapter retries would be entirely exhausted for the IS to start having problems due to the unavailability of the d/b which leads us to shut down the adapters prior to the maintenance and enable them upon availability of the D/b.


The retries factor comes only and only of you set up your Minimum Pool Size as 1, as if the target DB server becomes unavailable the ART would try to re-establish a connection to keep the minimum pool size in place. Say for example if the setting is set to 0 and there is no call made to the adapter for a db thread you will not experience any errors as the db is never called. The fact is that if there are no calls to the DB by any of your service you should be fine. So keep this in mind.