JDBC Adapter Connection problem(SQL SERVER 2005)


I use wM 6.5 and I want to connect it to SQL Server 2005. I encounter the following error.

[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource JdbcConnection:TestDB.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.1.200] The JDBC DataSource class “com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDataSource” cannot be located.

I have also downloaded the SQL JDBC driver version(1.0.809.102) and copied the sqljdbc.jar file inside /is/lib/jars.

My DataSourceClass is com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDataSource

My database URL is
test- server name

Kindly help.

Thanks in advance

try using


A silly question, but i do that a lot of times :). Dis you restart your server after placing the jars in IS/lib/jars


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Thanks for the help. But it gives me the same error.

I did restart my server. But the same error persists still

Any other ideas?

Thanks in advance

I’m having the same problem.

Ash123, were you able to resolve this problem?

Hi Naylah04,

Check if the credentials(SQL SERVER) which you are using to connect is proper.
It accepts only SQL Authentication. I was trying to connect with the credentials of Windows Authentication.
Hope this helps you out… :slight_smile:

Hey Ash,

did u set classpath for the sqljdbc.jar?

I found the rest of the things are ok. Try this one if you did not do.

Istiyak Vasiwala

Hey Ash,
Simple way to check if ur drivers are installed/ classpath set , login in webmethods IS localhost:5555 and click about , you should see the drivers in the server classpath block somewhere.


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Has this been solved? What were the changes needed. I have a similar issue on a 6.0.1 install. I have tried both the MS and Jtds drivers.

I already have it setup and working on another box. I have gone through and restarted the server, the files are in the class path, and I the DBA so I know the passwords and servers I am connecting to. I just did not want to reinstall. Thank you. Good day.

Product webMethods Integration Server
Version 6.0.1
Updates IS_6-0-1_SP4

Build Number 425
SSL Strong (128-bit)

Server Environment
Java Version 1.3.0 (46.0)
Java Vendor IBM Corporation
Java Home C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\jvm
Java Classpath C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\jvm\lib\rt.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\jvm\lib\i18n.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\proxy.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\system\mIcons.zip

Server Classpath C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\updates\IS_6-0-1_SP4.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\updates\TNS_6-0-1_Fix39.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\updates\TNS_6-0-1_SP1.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\classes
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\server.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\client.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\mail.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\common\lib\client60.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\common\lib\apiutil60.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\axis.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\commons-discovery.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\commons-logging.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\jaxrpc.jar
** C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\jtds-1.2.2.jar
** C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\msbase.jar
** C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\mssqlserver.jar
** C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\msutil.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\saaj.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\sl53_cj33.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmART\code\jars\static\wmartbundle.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmEDIINT\code\jars\static\ediint.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmFlatFile\code\jars\static\ffcore.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmFlatFile\code\jars\static\tspace.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmPKI\code\classes
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmPRT\code\jars\static\wmprt.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmTN\code\jars\static\tncore.jar
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmWin32\code\classes
C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer\packages\WmWSTools\code\classes\

OS Windows 2000
OS Platform x86
OS Version 5.2
Current User SYSTEM
Working Dir C:\Program Files\webMethods6\IntegrationServer

Yemi Bedu

Since it took too long to get a response, I decided to just go ahead and install 6.5 on a different computer. This works with the MS SQL 2000 driver without a hinch. It may have been that there were incompatibilities between the old IS version (6.0.1) with the JDBC adapter using a new driver (old 2002 vs most recent 2004). Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu