JDBC Adapter Connection Object

I am using JDBC adapters and we have different instances of Data base servers running. I need to use the same services against different instances.

Should I need to have different services for each instance or can I pass the Connection Object at run time.

Thanks n advance for help.


Before 6.0.3, you’ll need to create different services, even if you just change the schema.

With 6.1.3, feature pack 1 you can change the schema, but you still cannot change the connection. (I’m not sure if the schema can be changed at run time or not.)

From page 110 of the webMethods JDBC Adapter User’s Guide VERSION 6.0.3: “Note: Because adapter services inherently depend on connections, you cannot change an adapter connection for an adapter service after you configure it.”

I think 6.0.3 feature pack 1 is the latest release, so the bottom line is “no, you cannot pass different connection objects to JDBC Adapter services”.

– Ted

pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection service is available with 6.1 and allows to change connection for existing service.

This service doesn’t look like a robust solution for intense runtime environment but it does get job done for what is being asked.

Thanks for the help. I was using the pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection to change the connection. But, this is not a good one when you have any of them to change.

I was actually for some kind of dynamic stuff as we have in db.


Hi Brain,
Unfortunately thats the only public service available to change the adapter service connection.

If your design/project still needs to pass the connection object at runtime, I suggest you look at the possibility of writing JDBC connection pooling yourself. Google on connection pooling and write up some java classes.